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Cape long distance swimming award

On the 23rd September 2014. Everyone who swam Roben island swim were invited on the AGM of the cape long distance swimming and to get their certificate and medals. When you complete the swim before the end of the year they have to give to those who completed the swim medals and certificat. When I got there I met different swimmers and those who swam the english channel, I met Zani there who is my friend she did the English channel and I met Otto who became the oldest person to swim the English channel in the world. we had to wait for everyone to come. When everyone was there they started with the AGM and after that they started calling different swimmers to go and get their certificates and medals, some of the swimmers got more that 8 certificates and medals because they did a lot of swim and completed them. I was sitting down waiting to hear my name to go and get my medal and certificate it didn’t take long they call me I had to and get my medal and certificate, when I when back to sit it after few minutes they started giving the awards to the swimmers. They started with the award of the swimmer of the year and I heard my name I couldn’t believe that I’m the one who has been called to go and get it. I went to get it and I was so excited and everyone was happy that I got it. That encouraged me to do my next swim which I want to do from robben island to three anchor bay.

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